Digital Paintings and Concept Art

Brief presentation of my visualisation, sketching and drawing abilities. The page contains conceptual art, automotive doodles, technical sketches and polygon models.

BS series concept vehicles

Personal project that deals with visualisation of future for flying vehicles. BS series concept hovercrafts, spacecrafts and drones are digital art creations that showcase unlimited capabilities of humanity.

mad bat concept artbs razor digital artrw tarantula digital arttitan concept artraven hover craftpriest concept crafthover tank mechaguardian concept spaceshipcarrier conept designbsla763 drone designan imagebarracuda concept drone design

3D models

bsla763 3d modelconcept drone bsla7633d model in cinema 4d of bsla 763concept art polygon 3d model

Automotive sketches

Hand sketches for conceptual ground vehicles. Markers, pencils, pastels.

electric truck sketchy-shape electric truck sketchconcept for electric caraudi automotive sketchmajor car brands sketchconcept for screw-propelled vehicle