User Interface & User Expirience projects

Interaction, User Interface, User Experience designs. Functionality, usability, concentrated projects for new age media and interactive installations. Experiments with input and output, experience accumulation and emotions triggers.

Digital Tutors (link)

Series of tutorials for Digital Tutors and Pluralsight teaching UX methods widely used for web sites and web apps design.

digital tutors tutorial


Graphical interface definition and design for medical database in therm to improve user experience and convert negative feelings of a visitor to positive.

treato interfacemedications database interface designuser experience design for treatocomparison chart intrefacetreato UI for conditionmedication for condition interface

Treato Pharma UI

Interface design for insights collected by Treato and dedicated to outline overall impressions about specific medication.

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Webpgr editor UI (work in progress)

Interface for graphical editing and creation of new age websites.

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Just some Websites (links)

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